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Recent Media and Research done by observers using the Burke-Gaffney Observatory

Black and white image of discovery of recurrent supernova2022-October-18: Remote observer Jingyuan Zhao (ID=759) contributed to a research paper available on arXiv (arXiv:2210.08618) which included observations by the Burke-Gaffney Observatory of recurrent nova M31N 2022-09a in September 2022. It is the fifth outburst of M31N 1926-07c and currently the second shortest nova recurrence time known after the ~1 year interval for M31N 2008-12a. After the images were taken, the discovery was confirmed in ATel 15608 and ATel 15609 and is noted here. Jingyuan has posted on Twitter and in the Robotic Imaging Facebook group about this. 

The paper is published in RNAAS: Allen W. Shafter et al 2022 Res. Notes AAS 6 214 


Black and white image of the sky2022-October-11: Remote observer Filipp Romanov (ID=899) observed gamma-ray burst GRB221009A using BGO on the night of Oct. 9, 2022. Read the NASA Circular and an article on Science Alert about it. Romanov was later interviewed about his use of the BGO in the article here (translation may be necessary). 





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