Recent udpates about the Burke-Gaffney Observatory relevant to observers. 

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2023-June-15: BGO is excited to announce support for Mastodon! Users of the social media platform Mastodon can interact with the BGO on its account at Support for Mastodon comes as the future the Twitter interface is uncertain. Mastodon is open-source and free of corporate control and without advertising! Observers can request authorization from Mastodon accounts. If an observer would like to switch their main interface to Mastodon, use the #human command or contact the BGO by email

2023-April-27: A #filters command has been added for all observers to quickly access information about the available filters at BGO. In the Email interface, a new #token command has been added for extra validation between Email users and the BGO. Find more information about how it works in the E-Mail Help page.

2022-October-13: Heads-up: student projects will be starting again soon and will likely take up many hours during clear nights in the next month or so. 

2022-October-12: All bias, dark, and flat field calibration images were updated today.


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