Reserve Tickets for Public Open Houses 

Upcoming events:

The events below go ahead on the first clear night of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The status of the weekend's open house can be checked on the status page.


  • Friday March 31 to Sunday April 2 from 8:30pm to 10pm
    • Tickets become available to reserve on Monday March 27 at 7pm
  • Friday April 14 to Sunday April 16 from 8:45pm to 10:15pm
    • Tickets become available to reserve on Monday April 10 at 7pm
  • Friday April 28 to Sunday April 30 from 9:15pm to 10:45pm
    • Tickets become available to reserve on Monday April 24 at 7pm


More events will be listed in the future for the spring and summer, check back!

General information about our public open houses is here.

Last updated: 2023-March-29

The page above will update before tickets are available. If it says "No events found," check back closer to the date when tickets will next become available. 

Please Limit Groups to Four or Fewer

In fairness to others, given our limited capacity, please do not reserve tickets for a group larger than 4 people.

For organized groups larger than 15, please contact us or consider arranging for a Private Group Tour.

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